GEM appointed to deliver new Primark extension

GEM has been appointed to fit out Primark’s Belfast City Centre store as part of a major multimillion-pound extension which will see the retailer expand into Commonwealth House. 

The experienced team at GEM will fit out the store’s merchandising system, both on the main floors and perimeter walls, as well as fitting rooms, cash desks and wall cladding. 

Working closely with the client to deliver on their exact specifications, a specially manufactured merchandising kit will be part-built by GEM’s team of specialist joiners at an off-site warehouse and completed on site to ensure the most efficient use of time and minimise any potential disruption to other trade teams working on the extension project. 

Meeting the challenge of limited on-site storage and workspace space, GEM will also manage the delivery and logistics of all project stock at its off-site warehouse.

Work will commence this month and will complete by August this year.


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