Centrepoint’s Grade A office building which dominates the skyline on Ormeau Avenue in Belfast had its reception area completely transformed into a glamourous, modern and sophisticated space which befits the calibre and status of the building it serves.

There are unique and very astute design aspects applied in the form of a geometric ceiling frame structure applied to a metal grid system, this is backlighted by LED panels to give an illusion of daylight which is further enhanced by the application of high-level mirrors to expand on the concept of both light and space.

Other unique design features apply cutting edge custom materials in the form of gold Rimex sheet metal to offer accent details and to contrast against the low levelled glass panelled walls.

The glass was custom painted and has a gold pinstripe detail to both enhance and contrast against the stark metallic effect of the Rimex, which was applied with great effect throughout the space.

Working with both a cutting edge design and custom materials was a challenge, which only a skilled team such as GEM’s could undertake and deliver with such success. The craftsmanship involved is clearly reflected in the quality of the finish, with care and attention applied to every little detail.